The Amazon Rainforest is home to the most nutrient rich botanicals in the world. Wild-crafted Graviola, Uña de Gato,
Camu Camu, Sangre de Drago, and fifty more rainforest herbs are available in extracts and vegetarian capsules.  more
Skin Care
Treat yourself to consciously formulated pure skin care that captures the life energy of the rainforest to bring 
health and vitality to every cell in your body. No chemicals, waxes, alcohol or animal products. more
The exotic beauty, the wild jungle, and the mysteries of the Amazon have allured explorers for centuries. Explore our
collection of photographs, native writings and village arts to glimpse the wealth and beauty of the Amazon and her people. more
Eco Business
Our rainforest herbs are ecologically harvested by our partners in the Amazon.  Visit these Indigenous communities
on-line to find out how your purchases and referrals directly benefit these people and support rainforest preservation. more

Pure Camu
The world's highest concentration of Natural Vitamin C.  Boost your spirit, refresh you mind - any time, any place. Now available in "Fresh" Packs. Add to water and shake.  more 
New Liquizon Formulas
Feel the Immediate Benefit of Concentrated Nutrition.
Learn About Our New Liquizon Formulas,
super-concentrated, alcohol-free “liquid botanicals”.   more 
Amazon Rainforest Herb Products

Amazon Power Shake
Raw, wild energy food for increased stamina and endurance
Helps build muscle tone and strength while supporting your hormone system

Unique synergy of wild fresh water algae and sea algae loaded with valuable minerals to nourish and energize
Supports metabolism to help you achieve your ideal weight

Broad-spectrum immune enhancer for overall health
Supports healthy microbial balance of the intestinal tract and keeps viruses away

Relax, de-stress, and unwind during the day. Sleep soundly at night

Chocolate for the Enlightened
A wealth of nutrients and energy in a delicious healthy chocolate treat
Provides energy, supports cardiovascular health and enhances memory, focus and clarity

Assist optimal digestion and nutrient absorption
Avoid or ease bloating, stimulate the liver, and maintain a healthy intestinal flora

Digestazon Plus
The addition of key enzymes further empowers your body’s digestion function and nutrient absorption

Environmental Toxin Protector assists your body in detoxifying and restoring balance
Strong antioxidants and enzymes boost the liver and gallbladder functions

The Colon Cleansing Solution
Works like an intestinal broom to gently and effectively cleanse and eliminate unwanted toxins. Non-laxative powder detoxifies, cleans & maintains a healthy gut.

Fiberzon Plus
Colon Cleansing Capsule
Our Fiberzon in capsule form, enhanced with rhubarb root to stimulate more active elimination

Powerful anti-oxidant assists the body’s immune system in cleansing abnormal tissue growth

Regain and maintain your health
The ultimate blend to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and protect against free radicals

Whole Body Tonic
Blend of 37 powerful botanicals to rejuvenate your body and mind
All-round nutrition to streamline and sharpen all body systems

Hormone Balancer
Restore emotional stability, reduce or eliminate mood swings, irritability and imbalances during monthly cycles

Energy Regulator
Regulate sugar levels and balance your metabolism
Lose weight the easy way

Pure Camu
'Brighten Your Day'
The World's most concentrated source of natural vitamin C

Rainforest Treasure Tea
'The Nourishing Beverage'
A delicious way to nourish, cleanse, and balance your entire body

Rainforest Matte Tea
'The Uplifting Beverage'
Treasure Tea with Yerba Mate. Used as an energizer and appetite controller

Recovery and Flexibility
Reduce inflammation, speed recovery and increase flexibility and circulation

Recovazon Topical Gel
Topical relief for sore muscles, joints, skin irritations and more

Sangre de Drago
'Natural Healer'
The ultimate antioxidant to promote healing of the entire body, from the inside out
Helps slow aging and important for skin regeneration

For Glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health

Energy and Rejuvenation
Youthful anti-aging nutrients nourish the endocrine system, assist in building muscle mass and strength, enhance sexual health and increase energy levels

Una de Gato
'Cat's Claw - The Anti-Oxidant'
The most famous rainforest herb for boosting the immune system, respiratory health, digestive health, and more

Endurance Builder
Accomplish more by increasing strength and focus during physical and mental activities. Enhances libido and offers added adrenal support

Home Care Products

Clean and Green
Safely clean just about anything!
Based on the unique properties of colloidal technology, this plant-based cleanser will clean up oil, dirt, grease and grime without harming people or the planet. (Yes, you can drink it!)
And it’s the best fruit and vegetable wash we’ve ever found!

Lluvia Rainforest Essence Skin Care Products

Botanical Cleanser
Protect your face by cleansing naturally (no harmful foaming agents) Maintains skin’s natural pH balance.

Crystal Exfoliator
Gently polish and refine your skin leaving it silky soft and smooth. Stimulates healthy micro-circulation.

Refreshing Mist
Aromatherapy botanical blend tones, nourishes and hydrates. Refreshing aroma uplifts the spirit.

Camu C Serum (World’s best Vitamin C Serum)
Nourish your skin with this anti-aging treatment serum. High concentration of vitamin C and antioxidant compounds. Protects skin from free radicals while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nourishing Oil
Deeply nourishes tissue layers, restores elasticity and harmonizes your skin. Keeps skin soft and supple with a youthful, radiant glow.

Replenishing Moisturizer
Balances hydration and locks in moisture. Reduces the appearance of premature aging due to sun exposure and other environmental factors.

Recommended Wellness Combos

Calming & Stress Relief Combo
Release stress and anxiety
Reclaim restful sleep

Cleanse & Detox Combo
Remove unwanted waste & toxins
Lose weight & gain energy

Energy & Performance Combo
Increase stamina & build muscle tone
Gain competitive focus

Immune Booster Combo
Protect yourself from viruses, bacteria,
fungus, molds & environmental toxins

Recover & Rebuild Combo
Recover fast from workouts,
injury or trauma
Bounce back & feel great

Health Pack
Maximize your overall health & well-being
Super antioxidants & amino acids
to prevent premature aging

The Shaman’s Apprentice
In the 1940’s another explorer came to the Amazon region. Nicole Maxell, an ethno-botanist from New York, believed the native people, especially the witch doctors, had knowledge of plants…
by Kosa Ely

Looking for Cat’s Claw?
Una de Gato, also known as Cat’s Claw, is one of the most important medicinal plants of the whole world pharmacopoeia. Know to the Ashanika people as the ‘Sacred herb of the rain forest’. . .
by Kosa Ely

Treasures of the Rainforest
The land of Peru is shrouded with treasure and mystery, and it has drawn explorers and adventurers from every part of the globe since the beginning of time…
An Interview with John Easterling

"Blood of the Dragon"
Sangre de Drago, the amazing rainforest botanical for First Aid, has been used for centuries by indigenous people to stop bleeding, to stop pain and swelling, and internally for viral flu, stomach pains, respiratory viral infections and more…
by Kosa Ely

A Nation of Drug Addicts
and the Impact on our Environment

The toxic waste from the pharmaceutical drugs people are ingesting is beginning to show enormous repercussions in our environment. . .
An Interview with John Easterling
by Kosa Ely

8 Reasons to Consume Amazon Herb Products
Research scientist and Wild Foods expert Christian Drapeau highlights the many benefits he sees in consuming wild foods from the Amazon …

Amazon Herb Co. Review:
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Foods and supplements are more than just the sum of their parts. If you take an herb that has grown in its native natural environment, that has been harvested with care and with sacred intention …

Home Remedies with Herbs
Bug Bites, Cold Sores, Ear Ache, Fatigue, Indigestion, etc. Herbal remedies for more than 60 common ailments
by Kosa Ely

Hope for the Future of the Amazon
Without the rain forest to provide oxygen and medicinal plants what will the future be like for our children, grandchildren and the people of the Amazon?
by Chitra Gunderson

Value of the Living Rain Forest
Every person in the world is a direct or indirect beneficiary of the Amazon Rainforest. The rain forests of the world are critical to the ecological well-being of the entire planet.
by Kosa Ely

Rainforest Facts
Our Shrinking Forests

In the 1800’s there were 7.1 billion acres of tropical forest worldwide. There are 3.5 billion acres remaining. We’re losing 33.8 million acres per year …

Journey to the Amazon
The Village of Porveneer is a native Shipibo community off the Ucayali river in the Amazon Rainforest. This community has chosen to keep their culture and heritage intact …
by Kosa Ely

Reclaiming Youthful Beauty
Repair and Nourish your Skin with Nature’s Ultimate Recipe
Utilizing energetic botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest, this vitamin C serum is formulated with the world’s most potent source of vitamin C, the Camu Camu berry …
by Kosa Ely

Peak Performance Pets
Our pets now face degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, leukemia, and arthritis. Why? Diet. As it is with humans, the common underlying factor in the epidemic health challenges for animals is nutrition …
by Kay Aubrey-Chimene

Rainforest Secrets of Natural Beauty
For thousands of years women and men have mixed and produced their own cosmetics from the natural world around them—from fruits and flowers, roots and minerals, seaweed and clay—and mixed them with energetic waters.
by Kosa Ely

Three Essentials of True Prosperity
Prosperity defined in the dictionary is financial wealth, abundance, and good fortune –prosperity certainly is all of these…however, true prosperity is much more – it encompasses life itself…
by Terry Chitra Gunderson

Using Colloidal Technology to Help Mother Earth
Regular household cleaners with chemicals – whether opened or closed – release toxic vapors in the air that gradually build up in our bodies over time. These chemicals have been linked to asthma, allergies, birth defects, skin irritations, depression, hyper-activity, and cancer. And they are responsible for more than seven million accidental poisonings every year.
by Kosa Ely

Mystique of Ancient Traditions
I witnessed two Shipibo women paint a large ceremonial ceramic pot (mahueta), five feet high and three feet in diameter. Neither woman could see what the other was painting, both were singing the same icaro, and when they finished both sides of the geometric patterns appeared identical and matched each side perfectly…
By Chitra Gunderson

Returning to our Roots
The Evolution of Environmental Consciousness

Some of the latest research on the development and functioning of the human brain reveals that our brains do in fact require wild foods. Researchers have found wild foods to be in a category by themselves…
by Kosa Ely

Best Herbs for Women's Health
Sherrill Sellman Interviews Kosa Ely
Graviola has a long recorded history of use in herbal medicine. Its bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and fruit seeds are all used for different remedies. Much of the recent research on Graviola has focused on the phytochemicals that are cytotoxic …

Following Our Dreams
Three Women Share Their Journey to Self Empowerment

More and more women are stepping out from traditional careers to launch their own businesses. Their desire to live a life of passion and commitment to a higher purpose, to express their talents and reach their potential, and their quest for financial freedom, is spurring them to become entrepreneurs…

Falling in Love with Chocolate
The key to our hearts in more ways than one, Cacao also contains PEA (phenylethylamine) known as the molecule of love, a natural chemical in the brain that causes the euphoria experienced by lovers…an internal bliss. And, the amino acid in cacao, Tryptophan, helps elevate mood and reduce anxiety by increasing serotonin levels…
by Chitra Gunderson

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